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    Question nikkor 180mm f2.8 with a D40

    I picked up a nikkor 180 mm f2.8 lens on Ebay and they guy said it would work on a D40 in full manual mode. I tried using it on my D40 in manual mode and I can't get it to take photos. I can't get a fast shutter speed with it, either it is very long shutter or it stays open until I shut off the camera. I did go out this afternoon to take pictures so I can check the lens out so I am in a slight time crunch.

    I'll mostly use this lens taking photos of my kid at soccer in late evening/night.

    I guess what I'm after, and may help other newb's, is a short primer on using this (or others lens) in full manual mode.

    also, how hard should it be to focus as compared to my nikon 50-200 VR and where could I get a manual for it ?


    edit: I did read the D40 manual and it didn't help any
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