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    uv lens for D40?

    i just got my D40 and would like to know if i can use a 52mm uv lens like this one? http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Sunpa...oductDetail.do
    and if so i can i use it indoors to? or can you recommend one for me. thanks
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    Yep, should work fine. Just to clarify, that's a filter to put on the lens. If the filter will work with your camera depends on what lens you're using, and I assume you're using the 18-55mm kit lens.

    A lot of people would probably recommend looking for a higher quality filter, something that says "multi-coated", but I'd say this one will do you just fine to start.

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    That will work but as phatpat said get something multicoated.

    Check out B+W from bhphotovideo.com
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    that is a poor quality UV. if you must use filters, then make sure you get a good quality one like B+W like bionic suggested. otherewise its going to effect your IQ and be more prone to flaring, ghosting and all sorts of other nasties.
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    2filter.com is a great place to pick up filters $26.91 for Hoya multicoated UV B+W multicoated UV $28.63 Note to view the discounted price click on the order link for your particular choice. here's the link http://www.2filter.com/prices/specials.html and they're fast.
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