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    please help me find a camera with these features

    i recently bought a panasonic LS75 and although i love it for many reasons, to my horror i discovered (after buying a expensive 150x SD card) that it does not record audio in movie mode!

    so im returning it tomorrow

    please help me find a similar camera; the following features are a must:

    1. 30fps widescreen VGA (848x480) in movie mode with audio record!
    2. image stabilization
    3. decent iso so i can shoot in low light
    4. AA batteries
    5. compact
    6. 6 megapixel (although this is the least important feature)
    7. high zoom not necessary (3x ok)

    price is hopefully around the $300-$400 mark, but im not afraid to spend more if all features are there

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