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    Kodak M or MD853

    Does anyone have this camera. My wife wants this camera but I can't seem to find anything on it about it being a liked/disliked camera by its users. I'm hoping some people here own one and can give me input. I'm looking for the following things first off.

    1. Battery life. How long does that rechargeable battery last before recharging. The samsung camera we have now eats batteries

    2. How good are the pictures it takes. We have a 7MP right now and it takes good pictures except there's something wrong with it so the colors are off.I've been reading this camera has a lot of noise in the pictures. I'm just hoping this is because of user error and not product quality.

    3. Easy to use? My wife isn't the most technical person

    I've read reviews on the camera, but I've never been one to go by a review just because their done mostly by people who're used to using advanced camera so their always going to give so so reviews on point and shoots.

    Any input at all would be appreciated. Thaanks guys
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