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That's what I keep telling myself since the only photos I've taken where I was really disappointed were my first and only indoor high ISO hockey photos. Perhaps, I'm just being over critical since I know I trash a lot more photos than when I first started taking photos--I went back the other day to make some room and I was wondering why I even kept some of the ones I had taken before, good or bad.

I must admit that D300 battery life looks pretty darn good compared to the D200, but since I already own four batteries it's rather a moot point.
Really, noise isn't too much of a problem with Noise Ninja. My friend has this program and I watched him recover a photo that was taken with a D70s at 1600 ISO indoors, usually a throw-away shot.

Yes, the battery life is pretty good. Not *as good* as the D70s but not too shabby. I took about 850 photos over the weekend on a single battery and didn't have any problems. I think I could get about a grand worth of photos out of a single battery (all the photos were RAW+BASIC).

Biggest concern is that the D300 is a MEMORY HOG. Good lord. I filled up 12 gigs worth of pictures in a heardbeat. In JPG its not bad but with RAW, it can get a little rough. However, the high rate of memory consumption of my D300 can be compared to the fuel consumption of a 1 ton diesel truck pulling a 53' trailer with three rigs on it. Sure, I am only getting 15 mpg, but its kicking ass the entire way.

But I still gotta have something to complain about