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    Question Cameta Cameras


    I am looking for a new Nikon D70 and I think I found it on Ebay through Cameta Cameras. They have the body, 1 lens, and a 1gb memory card for less than most others. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them, as I am a little worried about droppinig $1300 online. Anyone's input would help. Thanks!!

    Andrew S.

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    I don't have direct experience with them, but a quick background check indicates:

    - A 99.8% positive feedback rating at eBay, based on 73515 transactions
    - A 9.35 (out of 10) rating at resellerratings.com

    You're not going to find a much more highly rated online shop. One other step you could take to would be to examine the individual comments at the above sites to find out the nature of the complaints for those cases where they recieved less than positive feedback.

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