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    Will the 30D Field Guide work with the 40D?

    I recently purchased a 40D. It should be arriving within the next week. My question...
    Will the 30D Field Guide work with the 40D? Ie... Are most of the funcitons the same?
    I want to get the Field Guide for the 40D but it is not released until March 2008.
    Or does anyone have any suggestions for a good beginners guide to the operation of the 40D.

    (I have never owned a DSLR before, however I have used my Brothers Nikon D80. He has a book titled the D80 Field Guide. To me it is very straightforward and easy to understand. )

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    I wouldn't, the menus and functions of the 40D are different enough that it probably wouldn't be worth buying the 30D guide.

    I learned everything I needed to know off of this forum.
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