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    Smile α700 & MF 200-500mm f/6.9 LD

    "Now, that's a lens ..." he said, just after hernia surgery.

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    Yep, 96-ounces of serious reach ... that was able to get for just $27. I tell ya, people are nuts, ditching old glass ... but what the heck? Glass that works, is glass that gets used. They quit producing this model in 1984 ... so it's on overtime. Seriously sharp ... just not exactly the most portable of lenses. Like any of these type of lenses, you need at least ten-feet between you and your subject, so you won't be using it to take Christmas-morning shots.

    Hey, I've been the $800 route, with the 43-oz TAMRON SP AF 200-500mm f/5-6.3 Di LD ... and it is a nice lens ... still needs the ten feet MFD, but then again, you can get a lot of nice lenses for $800. Anyway, it was sold to a nice Canon camera owner ... in Texas.

    This baby ... fits on anything, as long as you have the TAMRON Adaptall-2 adapter mount. It is a manual focus, but its rare you can get autofocus to get tight at 500mm. The focus usually is hunting back and forth, looking for that darn bird you wanted to snap ... and you wind up switching to manual fous, anyway ... just to even get close. Experience can be cruel.

    Hey, I'm not selling them ... just telling the tale of outdoor fun.

    This is definitely one of those lenses that can really stress the mount on your camera body, so be careful handling it. That tripod mount is there for good reason ... use it.

    Anyone else shooting the heavy stuff? What do you use to transport your glass in? Backpack? Separate hard case? Some kind of strapped bag?
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    Remember: It is usually the GLASS, not the camera (except for moving to Full Frame), that gives you the most improvement in your photography.

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