Whatís the fastest and most reliable SD card on the market. I donít mind paying a little extra to get the best equipment on the market?

Iím looking for the best small camera to go travelling with. Iím not worried about the price but I do want the camera to be as small as possible and take excellent photos.

So far Iíve come up with the Pentax S5i and the Casio EX-Z55. Iíve read a couple of reviews on each and they both sound pretty good? Does anyone know what their weak points are? The S5i seems to suffer from shutter lag & the time you have to wait between photos is an unacceptable 6 seconds. The little sony one is no good as it hasnít got a tri-pod mount which leaves the EX-Z55 at the top of my list? I havenít manage to find many reviews on this camera which makes me think no one has bought it.

Iím new to digital cameras so any suggestions on the best small camera on the market?

Are these little cameras just too small to provide good quality photos? Would I notice the difference between a photo taken on the Casio EX-Z55 and one taken on a slightly larger camera? Sorry, Iím a bit new to this lark!

Iíve got an ipod and hope to store the photos from my SD card on it. What device do I need and where can I get one?

Thanks for the help.