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    Which camera to buy

    I need help to choose between Nikon D80, Sony Alpha A700 or Canon 40D. Which one should I buy? Is it worth waiting for Canon's new DSLR with more features to come? My budget is below $1,600.
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    Nikon d80/ Canon 40D or Sony Alpha A400

    Budget less than 1.6K
    Not very heavy (like Canon, Nikon or Sony)

    10 megapixels will suffice me

    *18-200 VR
    * Quality and no shutter lag is very important 8-10 scale

    Don't care very much for manual controls?

    General Usage

    *Traveling, action pics, family, indoor, out door pics

    *Once in a while wants to make big prints

    I might be using pics indoor and nights too
    I like shooting wild life, fast moving objects and macro and so forth.
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    Typos galore!

    For wildlife you need something longer than 200mm. For lowlight you want to look at a fast prime. Are you set on just getting one lens to do it all? Why do you need so many MPs? Contrary to popular belief, they don't make the camera better. Also, you'd be doing yourself a disservice to drop $1800 on a DSLR then just use it on auto.

    Camera: Anonymous
    I could tell you but I wouldn't want you to get all pissy if it's the wrong brand


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