Hey guys i'm new to this forum. I know a little about digital cameras. I'm looking into getting a good camera. What i'm not looking for is a slr because I don't need anything that good. I'm looking for a camera that has about a 12x optical zoom or more that takes good pictures, a fast processor speed so that way I dont have to wait very long to take another picture, and takes good pics in low light and a camera can take pictures with fast moving objects or people without no blur, but without compromising picture quality.

I hear that canons are good brand, sony and panasonic. Which do you guys or gals recommend. I hear a lot of good things about canon, but my experiences with them is they take a longer to take pictures in between shots which I dont really like. Plus they are generally more expensive. If you guys got some opinions I would like to hear them. Thanks

chris, cali.