So here is my situation..I have been a canon guy but always with P&S's. Well just here recently my first camera was stolen, so I bought a Canon SD800IS and loved it. Well with my luck, it was stolen again. So now I am jsut going to buy a "real" decent camera.

I have never owned a camera like this, but I have shot with a Nikon D50 and loved it!mmI take decent pics with p&S's so I am hoping with this camera I will be able to fall more into the photography wrld and one day make it a hobby/ "side" job of mine.

So with that, here are the things you will need to know.


* $700...may be ble to scrounge up a little more, very little! <$100


* I don't care. I will say that small camera seem to be stolen or misplaced on my part...(Twice now) So the D40, XTI are good sizes. My wife has a P&S so I dont need one!


*Megapixels- Anything over 7, I like to work with things in photoshop so the more the better!

*Zoom- I am hoping for interchangable lenses so I can buy new lenses for greater zoom. I do however like to zoom in, and love MACRO modes!

*Image Quality (scale of 1-10)- 9 or 10

*Manual controls- are a must!

General Usage

*Main Use- Cars, action shots!

*Large Prints- Sometimes but not often.

*Indoor/Lowlight- Love Low Light Yes I will take a lot of low light shots.

*Sports/Action- Most Definately, love shooting moving cars.


Are there particular brands you like or hate?
Not Really...Just want a good camera!

Are there particular models you already have in mind?
Canon XTI
Nikon D40, D40X, D80

(If applicable) Do you need any of the following special features? (Wide Angle, Image Stabilization, Weatherproof, Hotshoe, Rotating LCD)
I like Image Stabilization and had it on the Canon SD800 and it was nice! Love Wide angels...but I think this will all be done with lenses on the cameras I am thinking of.

Thanks for all the help.