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    Help with SonyA100

    I bought a Sony A100 several months ago and I am really pleased with it.
    The only problem I have is that every time I switch it of it resets all the settings to default, which is a pain. I thought this problem was just one of those things, however last night at our camera club met a new person who has a Sony and his camera does not default everytime it is switched of but retains its settings.
    I have searched the instruction book for how to personalise the settings but can't find anything, the person I met last night tells me he hasn't done anything to his camera to make it reatin its settings.
    Does anyone have any experience on this matter and can you please advise me.
    Many Thanks

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    I'm not sure, but it could either be to do with the mode you are shooting in, or the watch battery that keeps the settings stored (I believe) could be dead.
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    I have no problems of that kind on my A100, what Paradox said makes sense and it´s comon on many other devices, the internal battery if they´r used this days.
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