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Thread: kit lenses

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    kit lenses

    just wondering if theyre were significant differences between the 18-55 and 18-70.

    i dont think i would go out and get an 18-70 since i have the 18-55 but i was just wondering if there was anything much better in the 18-70 other than the extended range?
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    The 18-70 came out first with the D70 series. The 18-55 was released with the D50 series and is considerably less expensive in it's construction.
    There used to be a lot of talk about the "inferior" 18-55 because of it's light weight construction and many people were persuaded to trade 18-55's for 18-70's on the basis of "advice" from experienced users and lens snobs.
    The reality is that other than reach there isn't a great deal of difference between photos taken with either lens and in the 18-35 range it could be argued that the cheaper lens actually produces better results.
    IMO if you have one it's not worth buying the other unless you stumble across some sort of a bargain you can't refuse. Put the money towards a better overall lens.

    Note: The opinions expressed here are mine. If anybody disagrees that's of no concern to me so don't bother baiting me or quoting technical mumbo jumbo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K1W1 View Post

    Note: The opinions expressed here are mine. If anybody disagrees that's of no concern to me so don't bother baiting me or quoting technical mumbo jumbo.
    Mate. You are no fun.
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    Snob point of view

    I like the build of the 18-70,very solid and the extra range as well. It also is a little faster then the 18-55 : 3.5/5.6(@55) vs. 3.5/4.5(@70). While it has a couple of plusses, imo, Richard had sound advice, you may want to put the money toward something else. These lenses are going for around $200 on Keh used.
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    I have a 18-70 and I really like it. I keep it on my D80 most of the time. I like the fact that it is light and fast and the D80 being a light camera make them a good combo.
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    I've used both lenses on my D70s. Both are well made and perform great.

    The two main reasons why the 18-70 is "better" is because it has the AF override and a has more zoom (duh). Otherwise, both perform fantastically.
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    I've got the 18-70 on my D70 and love it. In fact, it was one of the major factors for me when making the D70+lens purchase.

    However, that being said, I would like to echo what others have said: if you've already got the 18-55, don't blow your money on the 18-70. When I eventually replace this lens, it will (probably) be for the 18-200 VR - which offers a completely new set of capabilities (and compromises).

    In other words, don't play 'catch up' with small, incremental lens improvements. You'll never notice the difference, and you'll be sorry you blew your money. The 18-55 is a great lens and it's already in your bag. Use the heck out of it and use your money on another 'class' of lens. Maybe something faster (f/2.8?), or longer (200mm?), or shorter (10-20mm?)?

    As usual, just my $0.02.
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    believe I came across reviews that suggest that although the 18-55 is cheap, it does perform suprisingly well in terms of quality. the 18-70 obviously has a slightly longer range but in real terms there is little difference. it is however as mentioned alot more solid and provides weatherproof sealing.

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    The 18-70 is a fantastic lens, but I agree. If you already have the 18-55, upgrade to something better than the 18-70 unless you get it for a steal. Does the 18-55 have a distance scale? I found this useful on my 18-70, as I tend to use hyperfocal distance for landscapes. The 18-70 doesn't have weatherproofing really, just a rubber gasket around the mount. It is a solidly built lens for being "non-pro" glass.
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    The 18-70 has better build quality and a slightly faster max aperture on the long end. Maybe a bit more contrast and colour saturation as well. But it is too expensive considering that there are other choices that are better values: Nikon 18-135, Sigma 18-50/2.8 HSM, and even the 18-200 are better values.

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