this is a snap and shoot, since this is not the pentax slr forum I hope this is posted in the right place. Here's the issue, the screen doesn't illuminate during preview, I thought, hoped it was in a menu someplace but I sure can't find it. This just started the camera was working great till now. If you push the shutter all the way you get your picture, if you push it half way you can see there's an image on the LCD but the backlight isn't on so you can't see it, you can play back images and see what you've got but no preview. I haven't tried movie mode yet but I'm not holding my breath. Anyone ever run into this with this camera? I love the camera, take it tubing every year (in an extra dry pack) and I whip it out a lot for quick candids but this no preview thing is driving me nuts and since the camera has no veiwfinder on it I just have to guess that my subject is framed right.....driving me nuts. The camera is just over a year old and I'm not sure what the warranty is on it either. I was thinking of maybe trying to flash the firmware and I tried clearing the settings on the camera (but it's got some kind of memory backup so how can I clear that all the way out too?).