Well, it's a nice thought. Future generations would call it nostalgic to own the first 3 sony dslr's. That being said, I don't have the money to qualify for that, so purchasing all 3 would be not be "nostalgic" but "dumb" instead.

Now, I could likely generated the funds for either the a-700 or wait and save for the a-900 or whatever it's going to be. Here's the question, what could it possibly offer, and at what price, to force myself to wait until it launches. For example, say the next body is a $2500 price point. What will that get me? The new 12.Xmp sensor with 10.8 frames per second??? What else? Full frame? Live view?

I know it's perhaps a selfish question to be asking since we just had a HUGE launch less then a month ago, BUT it's a question that has to be asked nonetheless. DO I BUY, OR DO I WAIT??

$1500cdn could nearly buy me a 70-200 2.8 with "sony" on the side. Glass is always a good investment, but I can't get over the substantial improvements on the a-700.

Knowing the new intermediate model was coming out, I wasn't even planning on looking at the preverbial "fence," but low and behold, here I am plopped right on top of it. Now which way am I gonna fall.