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    What size SD card? powershot s3

    Hi Folks,
    Could someone tell me what the Max size SD card a powershot s3 recognise?



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    The S3 supports both SD and the newer SDHC memory card standards.

    The SD specifications was originally designed to have a limit of 2GB, but some manufacturers were able to squeeze out 4GB. However, since 4GB SD card manufacturers exceeded the standard SD specifications, there's a chance that not all of them will work with the S3.

    The SDHC format has a physical limit of 32GB. Just recently, 16GB SDHC cards began showing up. The S3 should be able to support these cards without any problems.

    Here's my recommended maximum memory size for the S3:

    SD: 2GB
    SDHC: The biggest memory that's available with the SDHC logo (currently 16GB)

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    I had an 8GB card in mine with no problems at all, but even the 16gb should format correctly.

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    Thanks guys!

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