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    Oh look ... A 700!

    Yep, fifteen minutes ago ... arrival.

    So, Don ... what's in the box?

    Nothing ... it's all out of the box!

    Attachment 29051

    Taken with the A100 & 18-250mm lens + pop-up flash

    No vertical grip, yet. It's due out next month ... but, it's on order. And get that most excellent "wireless" remote for shutter release and playback control. My gosh, you don't see that in other manufacturer's camera boxes, everyday, do you?

    Time to play ...

    My First A700 shot (below) using the same lens, nothing but converting from AdobeRGB to sRGB and a resize of a pretty darn big JPG ... and triggered by, what else, "wireless" remote! LOL

    The "Subject" and rightfully so ... the SONY A100, the lil' 10.1 MP engine that did!

    Attachment 29052

    Taken with the A700 & 18-250mm lens + pop-up flash

    The battery (NP-FM500H), had a 12% charge on it, upon arrival. It's cookin', now.

    Okay, enough fun for the moment ... gotta get back to work and pay for this thing!
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