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    When is the D200 Price Cut

    hey i was curious with the D300 coming out when is the D200 going to get a price cut. i'm definately going to snatch it up once it gets one. after i get it i'm going to keep it for quite some time. no point trying to constantly chase technology you'll end up going broke.
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    When sales drop relative to availability.
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    the price always drops dramaticly AFTER you buy it. think iPhone here.
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    As a rule there are no huge "run out" type deals on Nikons. Nikon are very clever at just gradually reducing the availability so that the price stays up. It's highly possible that D200 production may have already stopped.
    Keep and eye on the major resellers and if any of them offer any sort of deal grab it.

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    i noticed in alot of ebay stores the price has recently gone up a tad believe it or not.
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    As mentioned... Nikon gradually reduces camera prices. Don't expect it to make a huge drop until it has already become a write - off for the retailers. Which is very unlikely. Most retailers cannot keep stock on it, but the pipeline is still moving slightly. IOW a retailer can still get one but not for long. Talked to my shop and right now they have a few orders for the D300. They are asking for a $500 deposit, and if I sign up today, I would be a candidate for receiving one sometime in December hopefully. (No, I didn't sign up)

    The shop also told me that their cost on the D200 body is VERY close to selling price right now. They gave me exact numbers, they are making less than $100 on D200 bodies right now.
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    I doubt if much at all in the next six months.
    They are two different beasts in different leagues.
    Think XTi and 40D.
    Not exact comparisons, but similar.

    The D200 is a superb camera, but does not offer the same options/features that the D300 offers, hence the significant price difference.
    I read on DPreview that any price drop should not be expected, at least not immediately.
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    Don't worry about it, just snag a used one and enjoy the hell out of it
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    [QUOTE"TheObiJuan"]They are two different beasts in different leagues.
    Think XTi and 40D.
    Not exact comparisons, but similar.[/QUOTE]

    Ah, no, the D300 is precisely comparable to the D200, as it is the replacement model. I do find it likely that the D200 production will be stopped; look at the way the D50 dried up completely within a short time of the D40's release.
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