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    A700 Battery issues

    Okay ... so there you are ... ordering your SONY A700 equipment ... the A700 comes with one battery, naturally, to operate ... but, it suddenly dawns on you ... "Hey, that VG-C70AM 'vertical grip' is an accessory ... and requires two batteries to operate."

    Ok, but BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED! Strangely, in their marketing plan, they do not make a big deal about this, when you order over the Internet, and believe me ... when you are using proprietary batteries, it really is important. Chances are that they are not readily available at the corner drug store at $70 a pop!

    Q: What batteries do we need for it? A: SONY NP-FM500H (Buy at least 1, maybe 2 ... maybe even 3! You may not think so, now ... but there will come a time when you are going use up the power in this beast ... and you're gonna thank me for mentioning the idea up front, BEFORE you actually need it. They are "proprietary" .... which translates to ... you have no choice ... there is no "AA" backup rack. No one has them readily available. Like I mentioned above, one of these batteries actually does come with the camera, but you will need at least two with the grip attached to the camera.)

    "Well," you say to yourself, "I have a SONY A100 ... using SONY NP-FM55 batteries, what's the difference? Why can I not make use of those batteries?" Well, being the cheap-skate that I am, I actually asked that of the manufacturer and according to SONY, the difference is "battery life." Hey, if the infamous "they" are stessing "battery life", you can be darn tootin' the camera must be hungry for power.

    Fine. A goofy enough reason to sell new batteries. But, those batteries don't seem to be available on the SONY Style website. There were no offers for them as easily accessable "accessory parts", so that begs the follow-up question: "How do you order them?"

    At this point in time, you have to call ... 1-800-488-7669 (SONY's Parts number), and tell them what you want. $69/ea ... either on the web or straight from SONY, that price seems to be pretty tight at the moment. I have addressed the problem in an e-mail to the SONY Style website, but I have no idea how much that will move Heaven & Earth to get anything done about it.

    Anyway, my advice: Get those batteries, also, when you order ... otherwise ... you've got a useless device for awhile, after it shows up. That leads to frustration and depression, as you hold this rather 'lifeless' device in your hand and wonder ... "What was I thinking?"

    I caught it early, but some are not going to be as pro-active. It is just some non-experience I thought I would share, in getting this puppy, without problems.
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