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Thread: Minolta dSLR??

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    Minolta dSLR??

    Hi all

    Please see my post in this forum: http://www.dcresource.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3431

    I would greatly appreciate some help with these questions:

    1. Does Minolta have a good reasonably priced dSLR?
    2. I have a Minolta Dynax 5 camera already, will I be able to use my old lenses on the dSLR?

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    Nov 2004

    do it

    we recently bought the only dSLR that konica minolta makes, the maxxum/dynax 7D, and so far it has proven itself to be an awesome camera. we did have a problem with the anti-shake (it stopped working) but minolta gave us a replacement camera to keep within two days, which was very impressive from a customer service point of view.

    All your lenses should work. the brochure at any camera store will give you the complete listing of all compatible lenses. we had a lens from a minolta 500si (28-80mm) and it works fine. just remember to factor in the lens multiplier (x 1.5).

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