Ok ... first off ... the A700 is everything the A100 should have been, two years ago.

That being said, for all the the A100 delivers and can deliver, it is probably the "bargain of DSLRs."

So, which one goes in the shopping basket?

Well ... if you are seriously going to use what you buy ... it has to be the A700.

If you aren't going to touch the camera except for routine family shots and what not ... it's the A100, without a doubt.

Remember that both models use the same lenses, electronic flashes, releases and what not. The A700 is designed around more external expandability than the A100 was and delivers a higher ISO, more resolution and an improved anti-shake feature.

Again ... buy the camera you are going to use ... the A700 is the A100-refined to just the right degree to be ... primo.