I have a SONY a 100 digital SLR. New in April. In the past two weeks, irrespective of the lens in use (Minolta 35-70 and 100-300) if I try to shoot with normal daylight entering the lens I get a very slow shutter and the error message 0x5b comes up in the window. I can get nothing to work and I have to switch off. Switch on again and, if I point the camera down to the ground, or into a dark shady place, (ie a poor light source) the camera works fine - no problems. If I slowly raise the camera so that more light enters the lens then same happens again, very slow shutter speed and error comes up again.
It looks like the system is being saturated and cannot cope. The ISO is on AUTO and White Balance is also AUTO. So I dont think I have the ISO set to 1600 or anything like that. (but the symptoms would indicate that something like that is the cause.

On switch on, the camera gives me the OK that all systems check out. Its only when I attempt a normal everyday shot with the camera at eye level looking at your everyday F8 at 125 type of shot.

Anybody got any ideas??
Dave Llewellyn