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    focusing through a filter

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to put something out there that's been bothering me a bit with my camera. I don't think this is specific to the Sony brand at all, but more to do with basic photographic principles.

    First off, I take a lot of outdoor shots, and love shooting blue skies, as such I got myself a thin profile Circular Polarizer after some advice from our Don here on the board. However, I have been a bit lazy and simply screwing it onto the end of my UV filter (not thin profile) and any wide angle shot comes out vignetted (corners black in a circular shape), obviously because the stack of filters on the end of my lens is too long. A bit of a pain, but easily cropped, I just wanted to voice that for some reason here today.

    Secondly, I find with 2 filters on there, and the fact that I am running a workhorse of a lens (both focus- and focal-length wise) - 18-200mm. I find that through two filters it has a helluva time autofocusing. I know that its no fault of mine, or of the camera really, its got a lot of glass to look through and the light is doing some strange things in there before it gets to the focusing sensor, but its sometimes a real pain when I'm out shooting with a mini tripod (over in Scotland, no space for a full-sized tripod) and not being able to get right down there to see what i'm focusing on and have to eyeball it with the distance ring on the top (thankful for that let me tell you!)

    Anyhow, I realize its not the camera's fault, and I am still getting some incredible shots these days and I'm really happy with my alpha 100, and am not feeling the pressure to buy the a700 in the least. I don't see a lot of benefits to it as I don't use rapid shots up to 5fps, nor do I feel the need for 2 extra megapixels. I think some of the cost is built into their HDMI link for their Bravia lineup (I worked at sony for this past year and still have connections there) and this is one of the things they were really pushing, was the FULL HD experience... I'm neither here nor there on it, but last I checked, DSLRs were meant to take photos not to hook up to a TV.

    Thanks for the rant!
    Sony DSLRA100 w/ SAL18200
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    wide angle and polarizer can cause problems...

    Because a polarlizer stops certian light coming in at certain angles, when you shoot wide angle, the angle of view is so wide that the polarizer can olny stop the light at that specific angle over a partial part of the lens. I'm not sure what the correct answer is, but you should be able to google polarizer and wide angle to get some thoughts.

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