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    That's okay, cv. If you felt there was a clear benefit to go with Olympus, you wouldn't be on the fence so much. If there isn't a compelling reason to switch, don't. I'm not completely sold on the E-510 myself... it improves in some areas, but gives up ground in others. In fact, I'm recommending the Sony A100 ($580 with 18-70 kit lens) to my buddy over the D40/D40x, Olympus E-410/510, and Canon Rebel XT/XTi as his first dSLR. Still no single system that does it all for me.

    Nikon: D300, D700, Nikkor: 24-70, 70-200, 70-300/VR, 24/2.8, 35/2, 50/1.4G, 60/2.8G, 180/2.8,
    Sigma: 10-20, 50-150/2.8, 50/2.8, Tamron: 17-50/2.8, 28-75/2.8, Tokina: 12-24, Zeiss: 25/2.8
    Olympus: E-520, E-3, 7-14, 9-18, 11-22, 12-60, 14-35/2, 14-54, 35-100/2, 50-200, 25/2.8, 35/3.5, 50/2
    Panasonic: G1, Leica: 14-50, 14-150, 25/1.4
    Sony: A700, A900, 24-85, 35-70, 70-210/4, 20/2.8, 24/2.8, 50/2.8, T 90 macro, Zeiss: 24-70/2.8, 135/1.8
    P&S: Canon S90, Panasonic: LX3

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    Definitely take advantage of that 50mm, since it autofocuses for you!

    It is easy to start obsessing over gear, but you've got it right; trust what you've got and then get out there and work it! After all, the goal is to wear that thing out in the field, right?

    Seriously, though, anything short of total submersion should be something your camera can handle. The key is just to clean it after it gets dirty. Only if that sand sticks around for a long while will it really become a problem, working its way into places it shouldn't.
    Nikon D40 + kit lens

    Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 D AF(...or not)

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