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    BestBuy or BHPhotovideo....?

    I wanted to go for Canon S5 IS.....

    Which store provides the best products as well service...in BestBuy or BHPhotovideo......?


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    Best buy is brick and mortar, so you don't have to deal with shipping if something is defective. Just walk in and walk out with your situation resolved. B&H is fine too, you'll just have the hassle of shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by griptape View Post
    Best buy is brick and mortar, so you don't have to deal with shipping if something is defective. Just walk in and walk out with your situation resolved. B&H is fine too, you'll just have the hassle of shipping.
    Of course, you can buy from BestBuy.com or walk into the B&H store in NYC.

    They're both good and you won't go wrong with either. Whichever one has it cheaper would be my choice.

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    Lightbulb Start with a clear winner ...

    The thing about B&H is they will have nearly anything you could ask for, if you need parts and etc. Best Buy ... uh, no. They usually just sell the camera, in the unopened box and you are out the door. No training, no explanation ... nothing. Next model comes in ... the old model is quickly forgotten. It is chain volume and that is about it.

    When you call or stop in at B&H, you speak to a photographer ... not some pimple-faced high schooler or dude workin' the department for minimum wage. Big difference in the knowledge base - know what I mean?

    B&H has a pretty fair pricing structure ... sure, they're not the cheapest ... but the extra quality of knowledgeable service has a price to maintain, also, unlike discount retailers who are merely interested in producing numbers of sales. Once you buy from discounters ... business is usually way over. If you have ANY problems with discounters, they have one hell of a time REMEMBERING who you were ... ala "You bought that from us?"

    If you don't like B&H's price ... shop elsewhere ... but as for quality, they are operating "top drawer." I tend to believe That is worth a few extra bucks just for reliability and peace of mind.

    Good luck with your photography, wherever you buy ... you just might need some extra luck with someone other than B&H.
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    B&H, no question.
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    I am lucky enough to be able to walk over to B&H (A long walk, but still a walk). I can also walk to Bestbuy. But, I never walk to Bestbuy. Never.
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    Since you have already decided on the S5, then it really doesn't matter whom you buy it from. You have pitted a place where "real" photographer's shop against a place to buy appliances and DVD's.

    Your question is really who do you want to give your money to. Heck, buy it from Amazon.com for all it matters. They have got a good return policy if you have a problem plus they still may pay for return shipping.

    Don hit the nail on the head with his "Good luck" comment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcenut View Post
    You have pitted a place where "real" photographer's shop against a place to buy appliances and DVD's.
    This is a great point. I'd say without a doubt go with B&H. You'll get a better experience with the staff, support if you have issues and of course a brick and mortar store. I've bought a lot of my equipment from B&H and had no problems.

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    If you know what you want - and you say you do - buy it where it is cheapest. If you are the type who expects stores to provide a replacement (instead of going to the manufacturer who provides a warranty for that very purpose), then find a store that does that and pay their price.

    If you need advice, have many questions etc, then a higher-price store might be beneficial.
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    Have you compared prices at Best Buy and B&H? Because Best Buy usually doesn't have very competitive pricing; the D40 was still $600 there when it was $540 most everywhere else.

    Still, Best Buy is a great place to play around with cameras. Just disappoint the reps when you walk out empty-handed with a little Amazon.com logo floating over your head.
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