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    Starting a Nightclub promotion company need a good camera for it

    Starting a Nightclub promotion company need a good camera for it? i was looking around and i am lost i need something that will snap great pictures in clubs and bars and more please help.... thanks a million

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    do you need light and pocketable
    or is size not an issue

    what are you doing with the images, small prints, or something more ?

    Pentax 110 auto SLR

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    Are you expecting to use flash for these photos or are you looking to take pictures with available light?

    If you are going with no flash, you'll want a Fuji with the Super CCD (F31, F50, or S6000) or you'll need a DSLR. I'm guessing that you don't want the size and complexity of a DSLR, but you'll have to let us know more.

    If you are planning on using a flash you have more options, but for professional use you'd probably want an external flash. So you'd want a camera with a hot shoe for an external flash or one that has a slave flash accessory.

    I'm making a lot of assumptions, we need more details from you. How are you going to use these shots, what is your experience level with photography, how much are you willing to spend?

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    well size is not really an issue, but would like something a little compact like the d40... i would like something that you don't have lug around a big sake the size of a duffle bag with goodies in it i would something camera strap size with a built in flash preferably, pictures are going to be used on a website for viewing and if the want to download them at higher res. plus i will also during the summer being shooting our lake Michigan boat parties...always a blast.... i would like to have something digital zoom but if need be to hand zoom then thats ok too... alot of the clubs have low lighting so you know ill need something for that here is my friends web page check out his pics that some guy does for him... www.exactevents.com well appreciate the feedback so far thanks alot and oh i am looking for something with high 7 and up looking to also shoot some model pics for web page and more thanks again..

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    You mention the D40, but by mentioning the term "Digital zoom" you are clearly coming from the fixed lens camera world. dSLR cameras do not have digital zoom. Some (most) dSLRs have built in flash, but you will get better results with shoe mounted flash.

    You mention web photos, but also downloading full size images. How important is the image quality? It's your rep. Are you selling the photos, or are they going to just be there for the taking?

    If you really want good quality, here's what I would recommend:

    I will give you a Nikon system, others can give you an equivalent in the other brands, because I don't pay that much attention to the other brands.

    Nikon D80 - Good image quality and full feature camera w/o too much weight.
    Nikon SB800 flash - Most versatile flash in the Nikon lineup. Use the diffuser and highlight card. You can get by with an SB600 and a diffuser.
    Nikkor 17-55DX lens - This is a pro quality lens that will give great results for the type of photos you want to take. It will also give great results when you want to switch to available light shooting, instead of using flash. Essentially, this is the lens a PJ would get for this camera, unless he were to get the 17-35 and 28-70, a more expensive option.

    You can fit this entire kit, with memory cards, filters and accessories, into a Lowe-Pro 100AW sling bag (I think the number is right).
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    Eric Lund
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    Other Lenses: Tokina 12-24 f4, Tamron 75-300mm f4-5.6 LD macro
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    Quote Originally Posted by cfoster84 View Post
    would like something a little compact like the d40...
    built in flash
    boat parties...
    i would like to have something digital zoom
    low lighting
    my friends web page
    high 7
    looking to also shoot some model pics for web page and more thanks again..
    The size and built-in flash is pretty much a no brainer with something like the D40. The D50 (discontinued)/D80 are also slightly larger. The D80 is more expensive, but has the most options of the D40/50/80 and has more megapixels. Are the "boat parties" on the boat or off the boat? This is more of a lens option and VR may be a nice feature, but the price shoots way up for something like a 70-200mm F/2.8; however, that would also cover the zoom, low-lighting, and can be used for model shots as well as the boat party shots (or at least it should). But if you want to remain "compact", that lens is pretty much out and the weight distribution may be another consideration with a light camera like the D40. As mentioned earlier, the 17-55mm F/2.8 is a nice lens and works well for head shots, but it is also another pricy lens. A cheaper alternative lens, but more limited option for low-level light is the 50mm F/1.8 or F/1.4 lenses--the slower of the two is around $100.00. And as mentioned, you may (or probably will) end up purchasing a flash as well. And if you are going to use a flash, you may also want to invest in a flash bracket to help prevent some of the annoying shadows when shooting portrait style--the bracket keeps the flash on top instead of off to the side.

    For more information, see also:

    However, before coughing up the big bucks, why not ask your friend which camera he used to take the photos on his website? You may also be able to check the Exif data on the photos posted (right click on photo, the check the properties). I was going to enlarge one photo and check the properties, but I'm not going to "join" a website just to do it.
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