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    Aug 2007
    oslo, norway

    My pictures (automotive mostly...)

    After a couple of years using compact and ultra-zoom cameras, I finally upgraded to a canon eos 350d about 6 weeks ago.
    Bought a canon ef-s 17-55mm f2.8 is usm lens to replace the kit lens.

    My main interest is cars, so expect most of my pictures to be of them

    Some of the shots taken with the 350d:

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    Aug 2007
    oslo, norway
    Upgraded (this week) to a canon eos 400d camera, with hopes it had a better autofocus (amongst other things) than the 350d,
    as it had problems focusing on the paintwork on the diablo. Had my first photoshoot with the 400d today, and so far I'm not
    terribly impressed with the AF on this camera either.

    Anyway... The first, and only, picture I've had time to edit so far:

    Comments are very welcome.

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    Aug 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    nice shots! must be nice to have access to expensive cars!
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    i don't care for the celica shot or the latest nissan GT shot. they look like ordinary car shots. however...the other shots are nothing short of spectacular. it would be tough to pick a favourite really cos they are THAT good. the black mr2 against the dark sky is my favourite. cant help but think that the diablo would have been better in that shot cos of the contrast of the colour to the sky. i also love the the old car against the fields. the "no prancing horse" sign in the background of the lambo shot is a great creative touch. lol

    would be great if you could share some of the PP techniques you used cos whatever you did is awesome.

    RE: AF; while the 350d does have some issues, the xti is pretty good. its a tough ask to try and get any AF system to lock onto a solid colour on a reflective car surface. there isnt really anything for the AF point to get a grip of.

    would be great to see some more of your work cos i really enjoyed these photos. excellent work.
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    Jul 2007
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    Awesome shots photowerkz. How do you get to work with such high-end cars? Keep the pictures coming!

    The world gives me subjects, I just arrange them in a viewfinder.

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    Jan 2007
    Spectacular shots... are they HDR?

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    Jan 2006
    Windy Wyoming, USA
    Wow! :0
    I'm not a car buff (shh, don't tell anyone) so the one I relate to is #2, the old car in the field. I love everything about it --
    the high DOF, the background giving a sense of place, all the color and mood ... brilliant.
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    Nov 2006
    Oh-My-God!!!! What would I give to make shots like these. FABULOUS!!! I
    LOVE the second, like Tori, everything about it...and I love the mauve car (pardon my ignorance of the make of the car) against the stormy sky ,it's a piece of art! Just fantastic. Did you get the sky really looking like this or is it a superimposition? Either way...just gorgeous. The third's no less. I love the way you've captured light in all of the shots. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!!

    Best Regards
    Chili !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost View Post
    nice shots! must be nice to have access to expensive cars!
    At times, it's just nice to have a camera handy--I took this photo outside a restaurant I was at last Friday.
    Of course, the rain didn't help the look of the car, but that wasn't as bad as the burn out the guy did when he left later.

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    oslo, norway
    Thank you all for the nice words! Makes all those hours spent editing in photoshop much more worth it To answer a few things:

    None of the pictures are HDR. I tried some HDR software for a while, but never got any results I was happy with.
    So everything you see is "hand crafted" in photoshop cs2.

    My "access to expencive cars" isn't that big. What I've done is hunt around on car forums, and showed the owners of
    these cars examples of my work and asked if they would like pictures of their car done by me. So far that has worked
    Everything I do is free of charge, and just as a hobby.

    For those of you curious about my other photos, I set up a gallery at: www.photowerkz.net (hope I'm not breaking
    the rules mentioning it...)

    All pictures are edited in photoshop. Some (obviously) more than others. I'm not that much of a fan of "natural" pictures.
    I want my pictures to be something you can't go outside and experience yourself. I want them looking a bit special. Some
    like it, some hate it. Can't please everyone

    For those of you not on a super-duper highres monitor (running 1024x768 resolution myself) here's the skyline
    picture scaled down: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...skyline01s.jpg

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