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    Canon Rebel XT vs XTi...big difference?


    I am in the market for a digital SLR camera so that I can significantly upgrade the picture quality from my Canon SD700IS. I am still learning about photography, and want to definitely take an intro course @ my school during this spring or fall, but based on what I have gleaned from these forums and elsewhere, I am definitely leaning towards the Nikkon D80 or Canon Rebel XT. These seem to have the features I would like, and have the capacity to grow with me as I get more advanced, and are within a reasonable price range.

    My main question, although I may come back here with others, is whether there is a significant difference between the XT and the XTi. I had read elsewhere that the improvements in the later model weren't that significant (in fact some of the minor things were probably better in the XT). I know that the XTi has a 2 MP advantage on the XT--and if I am upgrading from a 7 MP camera it would be nicer to go to a 10 MP camera than an 8, but given that this is my first time with an SLR camera, I dont know if the difference between 8 and 10 makes a significant difference when you are dealing with that type of camera (e.g. if the quality of the lens is what matters most), but I was wondering if it would be worth the $150-$200 saved to go with the XT--or is the XTi definitely the winner between the two (perhaps for other reasons even besides the MP).

    Picture quality is VERY important to me, but I am MOST LIKELY not blowing my pictures up beyond an 8 x 10...if i have some AMAZING pictures, then perhaps. I also primarily take vacation shots, so people, landscapes, inside buildings, etc., and will want this camera for taking family photos as well.

    Thanks for any help!

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    The postings you read are correct.

    The difference is not great. There are superficial improvements. The biggest loss is the loss of the top LCD. Having said that, the top LCD was not back lit. The rear LCD is so - not a great loss.

    Peersonally, I'd say save cash and get the XT over the XTi. If you're prepared to buy better then get the 30D as it's light-years ahead of the XTi in usability.

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    Thanks SO much for your (super-quick) response.

    I just wanted to follow up to ask if you would say the difference is also minimal when it comes to image quality as well?

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    XT and XTi Differences

    I believe that a critical point was missed thus far in this thread. At least for me, and I own both the XT and XTi, the biggest difference other than the increased megapixels, was in the new focusing module in the XTi. The XTi has a very much improved focusing accuracy over the XT, which tends to not be as good as today's XTI. The XT's focusing, while good is not always consistent. Consistent precise focusing all the time is a very important issue at least for me.

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    Notes taken directly from DPReview

    Changes made from XT to XTi upgrade

    10.1 megapixel CMOS sensor with improved microlens array, fill factor and lower noise
    EOS Integrated Cleaning System
    Anti-static coatings on sensor surfaces plus anti-dust materials in the camera body
    Separate low pass filter with ultra-sonic vibration
    Software based dust mapping / removal
    Nine point Auto Focus sensor (same as EOS 30D) with F2.8 support
    Continuous shooting burst up to 27 JPEG and 10 RAW images
    Single large, bright, 2.5" LCD monitor with 160 viewing angles (horizontal and vertical)
    Camera settings and adjustment on LCD monitor
    Proximity sensor below viewfinder eyepiece to disable the LCD during composition
    New viewfinder view includes 9 AF points as well as EOS 30D style status bar
    Picture Styles, larger range of image parameter adjustment (same as EOS 30D)
    Improved user interface
    Image magnification available in record review
    Histogram available as brightness (Luminance) or RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
    Three settings for long exposure noise reduction (adds Auto option)
    Auto rotation with three options (not recorded, record don't rotate, record and rotate)
    Additional custom functions (magnified view in record review, LCD display at power on)
    Up to 9999 images per folder on storage card
    Automatic storage of setting adjustments (no longer requires a press of the SET button)
    Improved print / share / direct print features
    Lower introductory list price ($100 lower)

    If you buy the XT, you can use the money saved to buy a better lens.....however, you can also buy this lens at a later date if you save up some $$$ after the XTi purchase.

    What you won't be able to do is buy the XT, save up some more $$$ and then buy the XTi (unless you trade/upgrade).

    Buy the XTi.
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    The better auto focusing is a pretty important issue. Especially on lenses with smaller apertures. You'll find yourself frustrated less often with blurry shots because of focus.

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    The Canons' viewfinder is somewhat dark, compared to Nikon's newer offerings, like the D80. A brighter viewfinder can give you an edge in low-light shooting. Just one little detail, not necessarily an endorsement of... what the heck - I do prefer the D80 and just don't care much overall for the XT(i), even though I admit they're very capable cameras. But that's just me, I'll quiet down now.
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    investing in lenses vs body

    Thanks for the replies!

    I think I might lean a bit closer to the XT or XTi because it is a bit more reasonable price-wise than the D80 (or the higher model canons), especially since I am just learning and will probably upgrade significantly in 5-10 years if I really get into photography in the way I hope to (and also have a job that pays more to keep me rolling in the expensive gadgets).

    I am wondering what peoples opinions are--perhaps it might be worth investing in the lower priced XT camera (like $549 for the XT with the kit lens vs. $713 for the XTi) and spend $400-$500 more in decent lenses that I could keep with me when I get a better camera down the road, rather than just spending $200-$300 on lenses if I get the XTi? Would the difference in megapixels, autofocusing, and other improvements mentioned above, dwarf the difference made in a slightly better lens quality (probably talking maybe $150 difference in the cost of the lens, max)?

    I posted this elsewhere as well, but in trying to learn which strategy would make the most sense, I was having a hard time trying to discern what types of lenses I would want/ need to buy, and it would be great if anyone knows of a site that gave examples of the different types of images you can capture with different lens types (for instance, would a standard zoom and telephoto zoom that are both up to 200mm take the same types of pictures?). Also, if there is information about how you can recognize better lens quality (besides through price). I know somewhere I saw something about differences between USM, AF, and another category, so if someone could refer me to a page or site that would definitely help narrow down WHAT type of lenses I should be figuring into this cost equation.

    Also, re: kit lenses, do the XTi and XT have comparable kit lenses? Both are listed as having an EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, but I wasnt sure if there was a difference between them. Thanks!!!

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    I own an XTI. I purchased it due to its compactness, compared to the 30D. At the time, I was thinking of either waiting for the Pentax 100D, Sony A100, or a Nikon D70s.

    I am still a very happy owner of the XTI. In the long run, it really comes down to what kind of glass (lenses) you carry along with you. Hence, if you purchase the 30D you will have less left over for a lens. Mind you, the kit lens that comes with the 400D is also a good performer. Others may criticize otherwise.

    Personally, I like the bigger screen on the XTI than on the XT. I also like the dust removal system. However, some have commented that this is not as effective as perceived. Nonetheless, I feel more comfortable having it, than without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moneypenny02 View Post
    I am wondering what peoples opinions are--perhaps it might be worth investing in the lower priced XT camera (like $549 for the XT with the kit lens vs. $713 for the XTi)
    you're talking about a $164 price difference so it's not like you're saving a bucketload of cash. i don't know what lens' all these people are talking about buying with $164. please.

    even if you only keep your camera body for 2 years, your saving youself about $80/ year for essentially an older model with a comparatively problematic AF system which is outperformed in every way by its newer stablemate.

    whooopeeeee !! imagine all the glass you buy with the $164 you saved !! lol
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