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    FZ50 which flash

    My dad has a FZ-50 and would like a flashgun to go with it.

    His main use for the flash would be fill flash outdoors. He would want a mainly automatic one. The ones he has seen are the Olympus FL-35 and FL-50.

    What other option are there that will work with the FZ50 in TTL mode.

    Any other info gratefully received.

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    Since no one with first hand knowledge has replied......I have read that Metz makes a compatible flash but its quite expensive and most likely no better than the oly ones for fill flash outdoors I think you may need the added power of the FL50......but this is not first hand knowledge.

    Perhaps if you were to ask at dpreview, you may get more help.

    Maybe this will help
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    one of these days I'll understand!

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    Thanks for the link I give that a good read.

    I was thinking nobody used a flash with the FZ50

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    Just purchased Oly FL50

    I just received a FL50 from B&H. It works perfectly with the FZ50 in TTL. It is neat hearing the zoom change in the flash as the FZ50 zoom changes. The flash worked well indoors but I found that I had to lower the flash intensity to get an exposure I was happy with. I will be playing with it for a while before I really know how good it is, but as of now I am really happy with it.
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