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Sir, is not this photo a bit on soft side? i can compare my 18-55 with Sigma 17-70 and Canon 28-105 II USM, and my impression 18-55 is soft and delivers a bit dull colors at normal setting about which many beginners complain... i agree with you however, 18-55 is usable lens. While not the best the 18-55 is not bad either, but to see what difference it makes between DSLR and decent digital cam one probably needs a better lens IMHO. Even cheapo like Canon 28-105 II gets miles ahead of kit lens :-)))
I'm not saying it's an exceptional lens, but, it's quite good for one costing $100 Canadian. The kit takes pretty decent photos. The 28-105 cost about $300 Canadian. I don't think it's 3 x better than the kit.

I enjoy the kit for those days I want to run around with a lite setup. I get tired of dragging my bag full of heavier glass around with me.