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    35mm 1.4

    I bought one yesterday. I think you'll know how I feel about it after looking at some of the pics I took yesterday. I was up until 2:30 am this morning taking pictures, I should have called in sick today.

    I didn't lock focus on this one but I like the blur. ISO 1600 F 1.8 1/100 Av

    ISO 1600 F1.4 1/15 Av

    ISO 1600 F 1.4 1/400 Av

    ISO 1600 F1.4 1/400 Av

    ISO 1600 F1.4 1/200 Av

    ISO 1600 F2.2 1/80 (manual mode)

    ISO 1600 F2.2 1/80 (manual mode)

    These are just some that caught my eye. I took about 1 000 pics last night and I'm soo tired.

    What do you guys think? Are they an improvement on my work with the 50?
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