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    Amherst, MA
    Rasidel; still living the wild life I see.
    Michael B.
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    Mar 2007
    a couple of paintings i snapped through a glass wall of art gallery.

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    Mar 2007
    and the last two from late evening before departing Linz town, i especially liked this glass building illumination by night.

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    Mar 2007
    i do not know how but my first posting did not appear at all, perhaps i clicked on preview instead of submit.

    anyway, this was long time i was absent from here. since a spring began and i am less busy these days i took a weekend trip a few weeks ago and this what came out. you can also see previous two posts from the same trip.

    guess you will like this fun art exhibit i am attaching here, these are Porsche 911 made in stone (plaster or beton, have no idea?), all lining up near art museum in Linz... i also liked that security guy who was almost like posing for a photo and his entire look was telling me: "hey dude, they all mine"

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    Oct 2008
    Raleigh, NC, USA
    Gintaras, great pics, I really love the soda shop. Nice job using the doorway.

    Cherry Blossom across from the Vietnam War memorial
    Jason Hamilton
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    Gintaras...those Porsche 911 exhibition shots are very nice.....I really like the way you've incorporated the reflections in the shots....

    Taken from the bus on my way to Bath.

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    Thanks faisal and laydros, actually i was struggling to pull out some more but there were too many people around so was difficult to find a moment to shoot without someone getting in the way plus my wife was sending threats to quit if I do not stop hanging around like crazy. That moment I began wondering if wives were created for making men’s life hell on earth … but otherwise she is a nice cute girl…

    Faisal, I also understood perhaps I need a wide angle as 18mm is not enough for some situations, esp. in the city.

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    Lancashire, UK
    Went for a walk down to the beach with me new wife

    Haven't been down in ages and it was pretty busy for this time of year.

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    I'm still kicking

    Down the street from my house:

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