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    D80 to Infrared conversion help

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone has had a D80 converted to I/R and if so are you happy with it
    I have a D80 which is my spare camera, and would like the conversion done,as opposed to just using an I/R filter on the lens
    Thanks in advance
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    Well, since it appears no-one has done this (including myself), make sure you completely understand the ramifications.

    If you remove the embedded IR filter then the sensor will see visible and Near IR light. So you will now need minimum 2 filters if you want to shoot normal as well as IR. You will need a filter for cutting out the IR (in order to take normal photos) as well as at least one IR "Pass" filter for cutting out the visible light in order to take IR photos. Different IR lighting conditions benefit from different IR Pass filter levels.

    If you have the embedded filter replaced by an IR PASS filter, then you will not be able to shoot normal photos with the camera. If that IS the case then the camera will not even see visible light. And your flexibility on IR pass filters might be limited.
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    A better solution is to pick up a cheap, used D70 or D100. These two cameras had very weak IR filters and so make good IR cameras. See Bjorn Rorslett's site for good discussion on setting up and using a camera as an IR camera.

    I only read this stuff a long time ago. Not my cup of tea, so I've no experience with it. He also has a section on UV photography. In addition to cameras, he also talks about particular lenses that are and are not suitable for IR/UV photography.
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