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    S6000fd RAW and scene modes


    Is it possible to use any of the programmed scene modes (snow, beach, party, museum, etc.) and RAW file format simultaneously on the S6000fd? I don't have the camera yet and the PDF manual seems to indicate that it can, but I wanted to make sure. My current camera, a Canon PowerShot G2, doesn't allow RAW with any of the programmed scene modes, only in P, A, S and M.


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    You can shoot RAW with any mode of the camera with the exception of the following.

    Continuous shooting
    First 3
    Final 3
    Natural + Flash combo - Interestingly enough, if you have the camera set to RAW and you hit this setting on the dial it will automatically change to jpg. All the others give you a warning and you have to set it jpg in the menu to use them.

    I am assuming these modes don't support RAW due to the low internal memory of the camera and that it can't buffer that many RAW files due to their size. Write speed would also be a factor here.
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    Thanks, Paul! That was just the answer I was looking for!

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