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    Post Getting ready for a new D-SLR camera purchase...

    The deadline will be on the 22 of July, 2007. (I will be having a deadline to meet)

    Greetings members and guests of this forum, I am from the east;

    I can see that this forum have a very good facility of camera advises and lens advises; I got attracted to post my "Which camera to buy" questions in here as a result.


    I am honestly looking at the few D-SLR camera models below;

    The Canon EOS 400D, Sony Alpha-dSLR-A100, Pentax K10D, Nikon D80, and the Canon EOS 30D.

    It is not a coincident that the D-SLR models above are also arranged from the cheapest to the most expensive in my country.

    My photography criteria might be a bit demanding...

    Please read the following "very carefully";

    I want a D-SLR camera model that will be able to withstand the consistent wear and tear of travel photography. (I travel a lot, and I bring my camera along everywhere I go...)

    I want the very same D-SLR camera model to be able to perform well under less than ideal lighting conditions. (Note; especially the image quality at very high ISO numbers, and the speed and accuracy of the auto-focus feature.)

    That is it. Just those two very important or critical areas above; they are very significant areas and they matter a lot to me in my photography.

    I hope that you all would be able to advise me on those few D-SLR camera models above.

    I like the Canon EOS 400D and the Sony Alpha-dSLR-A100 because they are the cheapest in the list with quite impressive features or superb image quality; they would allow me to spend more of my money on the lens as well: A higher quality lens.

    I like the Pentax K10D because it is really like a high end semi-professional D-SLR camera, feature and quality wise, with a truly excellent price tag. I like it's weather sealing, high quality true glass pentaprism viewfinder, shake reduction, dust buster, interchangeable focus screens, special exposure modes, high quality 100,000 cycle shutter mechanism, and the digital depth of field/white balance preview. (There is just a lot going for this great camera.) This camera also leave quite a lot of space money wise, for the lens; a better lens.

    I like the Nikon D80 because it is just as high quality as the Pentax K10D with a high quality true glass pentaprism viewfinder, two command dials, a large and high quality LCD monitor, truly nice menus, solid build quality, 11 focus points, viewfinder grid-lines, 32 custom features, Kelvin white balance feature, white balance fine-tuning, nice shutter release sound, good set of external controls, useful scene modes, interesting flash functions, sophisticated auto ISO feature, useful noise reduction control, ISO 3200, very clean and pleasant looking images at large ISO numbers, D-Lightings, B&W mode with color filter selection, filter effects, and the feature which allows you to combine two RAW images into one etc...There is just so much going for the Nikon D80 as well...(That is why I like it so much). For the lens part, the Nikon D80 still leave me with enough money for a good enough/high quality lens.

    Finally, I like the Canon EOS 30D because it is a serious D-SLR camera with truly excellent performance and excellent image quality. The Canon EOS 30D have been renowned for it's truly superb image quality at high ISO levels. This camera has been used for sports for it's powerful 5 frames per-second continuous shooting speed, and auto-focus performance. I also like the fact that this camera have a truly durable magnesium-alloy metal body. The Canon EOS 30D also have a durable shutter mechanism of 100,000 cycles. The only problem about this most expensive option in my D-SLR camera list is that; the Canon EOS 30D would be putting a strain on my budget for a good enough lens.

    I am really not sure where to go now. I have a budget (After the conversion) of about USD$1500 actually (initially increased from US$1000).

    I also have a deadline to meet. (By the 22 of July, 2007; I must have my D-SLR camera, complete with a lens, ready for a photographic assignment.)

    I sincerely hope that you guys in this great forum will be able to help me out in this matter.

    Best regards.

    Benjamin F.Y.

    Regarding the lens criteria, I would need very good edge to edge sharpness, versatile enough, USM motor would be desired, good enough build quality, and a mount with rubber seal would be good. If possible, an internal focusing/non extending lens design would be nice.

    I might sound mad after the above, but I would also really like a lens with a really durable build quality (Such as those Canon L lenses); to last a really long time...(Only if it is possible to include this aspect in).

    I would be shooting candid portraits at close range, close actions, family activities, church activities, college activities, indoor stage performance at close range, street activities, environmental decays, model shootouts, studio works, landscapes, and abstracts...(There would be plenty of indoor shootings without flash most of the time).

    I just want a camera and lens that would be able to handle those photographic situations above well that's all. (I know that the photographer will play a major role as well.)

    All in all, I want to hear your suggestions in here. (Please please please!)

    All the best!


    I have some lenses in mind (Taken from PhotoZone);

    Pentax SMC DA 12-24mm f/4 AL ED [IF]

    Pentax SMC DA 16-45mm f/4 ED AL

    Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 USM L

    Zeiss ZA 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 DT

    Tamron AF 17-50mm f/2.8 SP Di II XR
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