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Thread: Broadway Photo

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    Broadway Photo

    Ordered a Canon SD200 with a price shown as $229. Spec's show all the normal accessories. Asked for the ground delivery at $7.
    Good news: Camera was delivered in 5 days.
    Bad news: I was charged $279, plus $20 for shipping.

    Their argument was that the web posted camera was the non-US version, but in fact the posted spec's are for the US package.
    Their argument for the shipping charge was that the $7 ground delivery was uninsured. Huh? If it is not an option why is it shown?

    Basically a bait and switch site, based on this experience.
    Les Slaback

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    Unhappy Broadway Photo = bad news

    I should have searched the forums before I placed my order. Broadway's scams are well documented here. I'm going to order from one of the site sponsors, as I should have in the first place.

    I ordered the Panasonic DMC-FZ20 after reading the review here and seeing Broadway's ad in MacWorld and MacAddict. Ad price was $424.99 but their web page price was $469.99. 5 days after I placed my order on the web, I called to check status and they tried to hard sell me over priced batteries and memory cards. I refused but they said they would ship the camera the same day as it was in stock. I called again the next day to follow up and they said the camera was not in stock. I canceled my order. Classic bait & switch. I'm sure the camera would have been in stock if I had bought one of their over priced batteries.

    Buyer beware!

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