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    S2 IS basic question

    I know this is soooo basic, and yes I read the manuel and articles, but I know I will get it if I ask...

    I always get this blur in movement. Shoting in Auto. What seeting whould I use to avoid this???
    Thanks sooo much for taking the time.

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    The picture looks lower light so the shutter speed will be slower which causes moving things to blur and your shaky hands to blur things (IS can only do so much)

    You may need to use flash. Also if you switch off auto you can up your shutter speed (will make the photo darker) which should freeze things more

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    Yeah, that's not camera shake blur, it's people movement blur. Either use your flash, or use shutter speed priority (Tv Mode), but if you up your shutter speed, you're going to need more light. You'll probably have to settle for using your flash.
    I have a camera. It takes pictures.

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