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    Dear John,

    I did no where ask you to post full size images. I asked for you to post 100% crops. 100% crops do not make for long downloads.

    Dear John, where did I call you a liar? Is everyone who disputes your ravings about every Panasonic product calling you a liar? Disagreeing is just... disagreeing.

    And, dear John, as you can see from the crop, there is a LOT of icky in-camera processing evidence in your 100% crop. Colour is sucked out, detail is grainy and smeary at the same time (quite an accomplishment!).

    And good that you did not post a crop of the portrait... in that photo the loss of detail and smearing of colours and detail is even more apparent.

    I, and all reviews, are wrong according to you, about Panasonic sensors and the Panasonic processing. Including Jeff Keller (DCRP), dpreview, ColorFoto magazine, and countless other sources. And your own photos apparently are also wrong.
    Fact is, when you make a comparable photo with the Canon SD800 IS, you will SEE a lot more noise. And you SEE a lot more detail, and you SEE a lot less smearing. And when you then filter the noise out, with for instance Noise Ninja, the results with the SD800 IS are better than the smudged TZ3 results.

    Yes, this may not matter with small print sizes, and with emailing or posting sub 1mp photos. But for everything else, it DOES matter. And the day you actually use a different camera, and you can see that those too can print out nice photos on small sizes, and make nice small posted forum photos, and yet produce better results when you magnify the photo, I will start to take you more serious.

    And leave the insults to yourself, please.
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    hey, why you want sell your SD700IS? SD700 is hell of a camera for a compact. i am able to squeeze nice shots out of my SD700 easily, low light handheld no problem if you tweak settings accordingly. so i really wonder what makes you shy your SD700 and look at SD800?

    check dpreview which actually says SD700 is better pix quality wise than SD800...no matter SD800 gimmicks:

    may be in case you need some bigger and more powerfull camera, otherwise my story about picking compact was waiting for SD700 prices to go down while skip newer SD models. i have seen many professional reviewers rate SD700 pix quality higher than on newer SD models.

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