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Thread: s850 or s1050

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    s850 or s1050

    I read both reviews for those cameras and i like so much!!

    The only different between s850 and s1050 are pixeles and screen size.

    s850 - 7 mp and 2.5''
    s1050 - 10 mp and 3''

    What your opinion about those cameras? Someone buy it?


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    Hey, i have the Samsung NV10,

    I bought it back in october and have been shooting constantly. Overall the quality of the pictrures @ 10mp is great. It has a feature rich gui, it's very compact, quick startup basicaly all the whistles and bells that you will need from a p+s.
    The only bad point i have found is that the lens cover 'sticks' sometimes. I would always recommend getting the highest possible specs for your money.

    If you would like to see some pictures that i have taken with this camera, you can have a look http://lurch.photoblog.com/

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    Nice camera and good pics.


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    jdl7538 Guest

    S850 RAW capabilities

    Quote Originally Posted by bical View Post

    What your opinion about those cameras?
    In a thread in the "Other Digicam" section of the DPReview forum I discovered directions to convert the S850 and the S85's internal programs to shoot in RAW along with JPEG (not on the memory card as with Canon's CHDK firmware programs). The thread is 7 months old, so maybe the word has gotten around. Before I try it, I'd like to know if anyone here has heard about it and "tested the waters." Anyone done this conversion? And if so, with what results? Thanks.

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    jdl7538 Guest

    Wink I tried it!

    Just a note to say I tried it and it works. I haven't had a chance yet to put it through all its paces, but the added richness and color and depth are remarkable. At the same time, it significantly increases the lag time between shots as it works hard to process what you've taken. Also, once you shut the camera off you can't revisit the shots you've taken. If you try, an alert is posted on the screen telling you, "File error!" No harm done, however. The files are intact to be loaded down to the computer, using the appropriate free software for doing so. It's a hack done by some Russians. I wish Samsung had a comparable set of hacks like those done for many Canon cameras, called CHDK, where you can load the firmware on to a memory card and don't have to change the internal settings of the camera.
    Here are the websites that offer all the needed information:

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