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    Screen went blank. What's wrong?

    I have an older (4 yrs) Canon Powershot A70 which suddenly can no longer take pictures. The screen is completely black and when a picture is taken the picture is black. Camera flash, etc seems to operate normally, but no picture can be seen on the screen. When viewing in playback mode, all previous pictures taken (which are stored on the memory card) can be viewed normally. I'm uploading a "picture" that is completely black of what my camera can only do now. Any help would be appreciated.

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    My video camera did this just recently. It'd play back everything and record sound, but taking video wouldn't show. I was told I had a bad CCD? Maybe that's what's wrong? Does the playback function work?

    Also, did you try powering it off then back on?

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    If you think it may be the CCD, check the link. There was a recall on your camera model which may include this problem and if so, Canon repairs it for free:


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