I have an old Minolta 35mm with a set of Sigma lenses and naturally I want to re-use them (even though they're bottom of the barrel lenses). So I was at Wolf Camera here in Durham, NC, and talked to a sales lady about the Sony Alpha. However, she said that while the Alpha would work with my Sigma lens, it would not autofocus them. She couldn't give me a reason why, but just said they wouldn't autofocus. This is the first time I've heard of that. So before I spend the $700 (at BHPhotoVideo, not at Wolf since it's $100 more there), is there any truth to what this "sales lady" said?

Personally I think she was confused with the Nikon D40. That DSLR will not autofocus older Nikon or 3rd party lenses since the AF motor is not in the camera body. But since I didn't have my Sigma lens with me, I couldn't refute her.