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Thread: Canon FS 100

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    Canon FS 100

    I have this video camera for a while and it works fine but I am looking for more capacity from it. I presently use SanDisk 2GD cards.

    However, I see there are different 'classes' of SD card. My manual states I need to go over 'class 2" for SDHC from 2 to 32 GB.

    When I check around I find SanDisk offer them in Extreme and Ultra version I thought III.

    I would just like to have a lot of capacity on one card for when my family goes overseas on vacation they can get as mush as they want without fiddling with all those little cards and running the chance of loosing any.

    What SDHC configuration do you recommend for the Cannon FS100?


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    You might get better answers on a forum intended for video cameras.
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