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    Wedding photograph is ripped & Torn!

    Can you fix this ? Ha, sure I said, as it was handed over to me, the real photograph,

    To prove a point, I handed this "job" over to Elizabeth Oviok, an Eskiimo woman (postmaster). She has never worked in any type graphic program ever, not once.
    She had no idea what photoshop meant. She was sitting beside me @ two 19" dual monitors" w/ photoshop opened.

    I scanned this image and opened it on her computer,
    I am sitting in front of two 21" Viewxonic monitors and I have the same image opened here.
    I only said, these words to Elizabeth: Pick the smallest spot, zoom in as far as practically possible, now use the eye dropper tool and take a "sample" of the good area, now "paint" that spot using your "brush" and then "smudge it with the smudge tool if necessary, then zoom out to check your work. WowoW! Her very first attempt!

    When the customer returned and saw the new printed photograph and touched it, she said, it looks brand new ! She gladly paid the 75 dollars,(too cheap of a price) and I handed the money over to my fiance, Elizabeth!

    Well be honest, what do you think of this job done by a complete rookie

    @ age 50 years young! ?
    Practice .. .. .. .. makes .. .. .. .. Better !

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    Excellent job! A little too much on the blending tool behind her head, but all and all; fantastic. It's not as hard as people seem to think it is to repair a broken picture like that. I do them all the time.

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    Wow!! That sure looks one hell of a job to me!! I am 34 and I don't think I'd get where your fiance did with those instructions. So at 50..........Kudos babe!!!!!

    Best Regards
    Chili !

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    While with the decribed tools and for someone who doesn't know how to it is an impressive result, you can do a lot better by using the cloning tool and patch tool from photoshop. Much quicker and you will be able to get much better results, making the photo look less smudged.
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