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    Fuji Finepixs F31fd... or something else?

    After reading several reviews and seeing several photo tests..

    I came to conclusion that F31fd would be a pretty good camera to get.

    The pretty good ISO levels is what got me the most.

    So... What do you think? Should I get it?

    Or maybe I should take a look at few other cameras?

    Point and Shooters of course.. And probably not above $400..


    Oh Also..

    I looked at Cyber-shot® DSC-N2

    And it ISO level resolts where almost as good as of F30.. Exapt that it didn't had ISO 3200...
    Its also 10MP camera..

    What you think?
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    good decision. its a great cam. forget the sony, it aint in the same ballpark.
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    oh.. I got to day FUji F31fd.

    But do you think I need card reader? or the camera will able to read the card and transfer it to Computer when I connect camera to my PC?

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    The camera will allow you to download the pictures on the card when connected to your computer..no need for a card reader. X-D cards are slow!
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