I am posting here rather than a brand specific area as I think this is a more generalised problem.
In my case - I have found photographing vivid red flowers really hard.
With my A-200 I found that turning down the saturation a tad and fine tuning the WB in the direction of Blue helped - but only working hard in Photoshop
straightened it out. Similarly with my older Oly C-740.
Now I find the self same problem with the Nikon D80 - in fact - out of the box, and in Auto WB it's a maniak for reds!!!
Still with patience and experimentation I am generally OK with playing with colourspace and White balance - that is until I try to photograph a lovely Red rose in my garden - it just saturates out and goes a bit on the orange side
First shot was just after the rain - it looked wonderfull - but my photo did it no favours at all.
A little PP helped - but that red is still not quite right