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    Question T100 opinions and/or reviews?

    Can some T100 owners please give me their opinions of the camera?

    I've read some good and also bad things on Amazon for example, so I'm a bit unsure about buying it. Is the flash really that bad?

    I tried the T100 in a store and really liked it a lot. But if it takes terrible photos indoors even with flash (as some people suggested) then maybe it's not worth the money.

    Please advise.

    Also, are there any pro reviews yet of the T100?

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    I don't know about the T100 but be very careful with the user reviews on Amazon. In the case of the new Sony H9, some people got together in the Sony talk forums (dpreview) and decided to give the H9 one star reviews on Amazon in order to get Sony's attention on a few items they wanted fixed. Some of the people rating the camera one star had the camera and were not returning it for a refund because they liked it while others who did not even have the camera gave it a one star review. One guy even gave the H9 a one star review before ordering it online.

    The best advice I can give is to order the camera from a retailer with a good return policy. If the T100 looks like what you want, order it and give it a try. Professional reviews are great but you will be the one using the camera.

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    t100 : it's a good camera

    Hey there. I like to carry a camera in my pocket all the time so that i "never miss a moment" to take a pic. The main reason i bought the t100 is because of it's size.
    It's picture quality outdoors is simply amazing. Then again all cams work well in bright light. but this cam works reasonably well at night too. (i got a shot of two owls sitting on the antenna on my roof at night , so the focusing distance of this cam is pretty good too ).
    Indoor pics are a little more tricky. You have to mess around with the settings a bit but one you figure it out the pics come out better. In low light like any other cam the t100 decreases it's shutter speed. This causes the pics to be slightly blurred. But the quality is still a lot better than most other cams. Another thing you can do is simply raise the iso setting. With high iso there is NO blur but the pictures appear grainy when you zoom in. So indoor low light pics are only good for 5 by 7" prints, not 11 by 17" ones.
    If you give me your email i can email you some sample pics. (or can someone tell me how to embed/show pics in the forum if possible??)
    Overall the sony T100 gets a thumbs up from me.
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