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    Angry Sony DSC-W5 - No Power

    I am very upset with my camera. It was working fine yesterday. I shut it down as usual. When I went to turn it back on, there was no power - nothing. I removed the batteries, recharged them. I then replaced the batteries and tried the power button again. No power - nothing. So, I removed the batteries again. Then I held down the power button for 15 seconds, replaced the batteries and tried to turn it on. No power. What might be the problem? I never dropped it nor abused it. Nor did I leave it in the sun. It is no longer under warranty. Who would figure a $349 camera to expire like that? Can you help me? :

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    Went on google and http://www.nomatica.pt/ft.aspx?i=123590&thread=8&m=844
    Seams thereŽs more people with that problem, if you google it better youŽll find maybe a solution or dozens of people in the same frustrating situation.
    Definatly google will have the fix.
    Sony A100 + DT18-70mm + Sigma 70-300mm with 1,4 Conversor.

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