I am the proud owner of a Finepix S6500fd, but I am having trouble achieving one of my goals.
I am a salsa dancer, and often want to take pictures of fellow dancers.
The difficulties are fairly obvious.
- ambient light is often low
- dancers would resent flashes in their faces
- with such a fluid dance, it is hard to capture interesting moments unless you are taking pictures of a choreographed routine you are already familiar with.

Basically, my hope was to be able to take bursts of pictures, hoping that one of the pics in the burst would capture a "moment".
Now, even despite the low light conditions, setting at top3 or bottom3 bursts works reasonably well, but the camera appears desperately slow in continuous shooting mode. I've tried setting to high speed mode, manual focus, manual programs, with little improvement. It still takes less than a picture per second.

Any suggestions on how it would be possible to improve these times?