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    Looking to buy a camera with beter video recording capability than my nikon 7600 HELP

    hello folks,

    so far i have been satisified with my nikon coolpix 7600, great cam, acceptable 640x480 30FPS videos.

    now im looking to upgrade to a camera that can record less slugish than this one.

    videos seem really shaky, as if the sensitivity is high.

    however what i do love and want to have in a newer camera is the video format, the quicktime format is great, allowing me to record around 1h 30m on 2GB SD.
    (Compared to those cams that record in the hefty .AVI format which eats up the memory fasst)

    someone please recommend a camera that will suit my video needs.
    and of course i want it to be compact and take high res pics.

    thanks in advance!

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    How about a camcorder?

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